Child once safe in her arms.
Car drives up.
She weeps.
“I’m sorry, Mrs. _______.
He died bravely.”
Now safe beneath the earth.

I drifted into my sunset and slept by our river
During the night, I danced with giants
I dance with them still

Pristine forest
New snow graces low-hanging spruce
Terrified rabbit lies beneath
Trapped … dying
Its red life sighing

Words ➡️ Lines ➡️ Paragraphs
Scribbles to be edited
Then when satisfied
To begin anew

Dreams warped through hyperspace
Teleportation of self
Into the wormhole of my Universe

Huddled beneath the cliff, far from nowhere, they shiver thru the night.
When they wake, the storm is gone.
So is their guide.

The sun never sets on Twitterville
We’re a global family
You’re never alone in Twitterville
I tweet you, and you tweet me

Stark dark wall
Lives etched into black granite
58,286 polished mirrors
Reflect our loss
So many
So many

Can’t play the piano
Can’t sing
But I’m gonna do it anyway!

I’m a bad pianist And a worse singer
My #Limerick “A cow named Elsie from Dover”
For the kid in all of us. Sing along!

Voices echo thru tall city canyons
Bursting with hurried unimportance
The lush emptiness
Of cell-beings bound

Friendships, like flowers, bloom
Petals eventually fade
Old friends die
But memories survive
Peter Cravish 1921-2007

He hastens along the hectic street.
Strangers … noise.
Slowly, he turns around.
The world is suddenly empty.

Freshly born
Alive it seems
Released from fantasies deep in my dream

#quote M Twain
“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

I arrived at my crossroads
So many years ago
Gazed left
Bore right
How little did I know?

My 37-year-old African Gray parrot Little Pete loves me
He tweets me every day

Walking new spring woods
Fawn sinks deep into my eyes
Two lives unified

#quote On cellphones
“Then he will talk – ye gods, how he will talk!”
Nathaniel Lee 1655-1692

Alone in my mind
Planet wide asleep
I write a poem
I burn two

Shutters rattle her awake.
She rubs her eyes.
Slowly, he approaches the bed.
Her nightmare has returned.
But he … is no dream.

Not a poet?
C’mon. Give it a try.
Let me show you how to compose a Cinquain.
It’s fun!

Internal, Eternal
Conceive, Believe, Weave
I live the dawn
Now write your own Cinquain

#quote Politicians
“Where they do agree, their unanimity is wonderful.”
Richard Sheridan 1751-1816

Midnight silence
World abnormally muted
Am I asleep?
Where do dreams go when we wake?
Or do we?

“There is a pleasure in poetic pains / Which only poets know.”
William Cowper 1731-1800

Gaze into your eyes
See my self reflecting there
Glaring back at me

Well fed – We live segmented
Others hunger – Unlamented
Humanity and decency – Circumvented

“A fool must now and then be right, by chance.”
William Cowper 1731-1800

Surrender to dreams
Chromatic living visions
Guests of my own mind

What are writers?
“As children gathering pebbles on the shore.”
From Paradise Regained

Maternal eternal
Conceive receive believe
Crawl upon the earth

“I had a dream which was not all a dream.”
Samuel Woodworth 1785-1842

Senses overwhelmed
Sometimes life can be too much
Seeking calm retreat

I took the road more frequently travelled
And never arrived

#quote Every Indie author’s dream
“I awoke one morning and found myself famous.”
Samuel Woodworth 1785-1842



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