The Legends Series

The Legends Series is a collection of unrelated short stories and novellas. Each of them centers around people whose lives are dramatically altered and enriched when they encounter ‘entities’ from various legends around the world.

The Treasures of Li Quan
A mystical tale of courage and inspiration based on an old Chinese legend. Set in Ogunquit, Maine in 1951, this short story will leave you feeling that you have experienced one of the true mysteries of life.
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In this novella, a retired psychiatrist is haunted by a recurring nightmare following the death of his beloved wife of forty-seven years. He heads out west in his RV where he meets an old Ojibwe Indian. He tells him his wife’s last request was to spread her ashes at special places they both loved. Or was it?
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Encounter at Fox Creek
A short story with an intriguing twist. The year is 1811, and the Zorek family are the first fur trappers in the Pacific northwest. Their nearest neighbors are the Chinook Indians who have a village twenty miles away. Or so they thought!
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