Mr. McSnipper

Age Level: 9 to 99 – Grade Level: 4 and up


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In a land far away known as Spoonsipper
Was a small village by river Stoneskipper
There in twelve minutes or possibly quicker
Stood tumbledown shack of Mr. McSnipper

This is an entertaining collection of silly poems, limericks and sonnets for children and families to enjoy – plus a few not so silly verses. Children under the age of nine will enjoy listening to most of these poems as well. I show you how to read a poem – which syllables to stress to make the rhythm and rhyme flow.
“The Troll on My Couch”
“Silly Sally”
“Little Pete”
“My Truck and I”

“Penny the Pudgy Pink Pig”
Penny the pudgy pink pig
Struts ‘round the farm in her wig
Bows in long tresses
Dressy in dresses
Sways when she zags with a zig

Blue shoes on piggy pig feet
Necklace of pearls very neat
Red ribbon on tail
Attracts all the males
Smile especially sweet

And “Stanley the Little Blue Ant” who meets up with Annie the pink bee and learns about discrimination.
Little Stanley was a blue ant
On a hill where all were brown
All the ‘antlings’ said that he can’t
Come and join them on playground
His big compound eyes wept wet tears
Lonely walked alone all day
Stanley sadly heard their gay cheers
And then Stanley ran away

All these and more are waiting for you to visit. So come on in and meet some new friends! And when you are finished reading, I will show you how to write your own poems.


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