Interest Level – 4 Years and Up – Reading Level – 4th Grade and Up

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Gather around for some terrific family fun with letters and words. Are you all set to have a good time? Are you ready to learn? Let’s explore those amazing twenty-six letters of our alphabet using animal poems and facts. We will even throw in some limericks, tongue twisters and alphabet/picture puzzles along the way to make it more interesting.

This book is chock full of fun – 81 graphics – 29 Poems – 20 Limericks – 47 Tongue Twisters – 44 Word/Picture Puzzles – Over 150 fascinating facts about animal group names. Did you know a group of crickets is called an ‘orchestra’?

No matter how young or old you are, you will enjoy listening to these. As your language skills improve, you will have fun reading more of them by yourself. I double dare you to say some of my tongue twisters three times fast! And just wait until you try my alphabet tongue twisters in which EVERY word in the tongue twister starts with the same letter of the alphabet. Phew!

So shift your brain into high gear and let’s pay a visit to the amazing world of AlphaAnimals.


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