New Novel: Mountain Rose


Available for Kindle eReaders and the Kindle App.

‘Mountain Rose’ – A SciFi Detective Novel

The year is 2111. Enrique Vargas knows exactly who he wants to help him overhaul ISEC, the International Space Enforcement Consortium, which has regulatory control over the Space Flight Administration, the Gaia I and Argo I space colonies and all seven lunar mines.

Robert E. Lee’s company, ‘PerformPros’, offers discrete services – security and investigation. Lee’s associate, Thomas L. Jackson, has developed the most sophisticated, near-human-intelligence, holographic computer system in existence. Her name is Noni, and she is an integral member of the ‘Rebs’ team.

Lee heads to Argo I to assume management of the faltering space division of ISEC. Even Noni could not have envisioned that their involvement would take such a dramatic turn.

Times may have changed, but human intrigue and greed … have not.


About lenxbob

I was born in 1946 - the first year of the Baby Boomers. For most of my life, I lived in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts - Pittsfield, Richmond and Lenox. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst in 1968 with a BS in Mathematics. From 1968-1970, I did a two-year stint in the Peace Corps in the Philippines teaching high school modern mathematics. I later taught for eleven years and then became a computer programmer/analyst and eventually an MIS Director. I currently winter in Florida and summer in upstate NY - with my 37-year-old African Gray Parrot, Little Pete. I enjoy playing piano and guitar as well as painting watercolors. I started writing poetry when I was in my early teens. It has always brought me joy to express my emotions in writing. My poems tend to be quite straightforward. You won't need a dictionary or an encyclopedia to comprehend them. I like my poems to flow easily, and have the reader flow with my thoughts.
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