These are the covers for my books currently available

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The menu above has a section explaining what each book is about – with some examples.

The sidebar at the right will take you to where you can purchase copies. Availability ranges from print books to Kindle eBooks.

If you want to download and install the free Kindle app from Amazon for your devices, here is the link:

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FREE This weekend. Get them while you can!

The first two stories in my Legends Series are both free this weekend – April 12 and 13. Don’t miss out on them. I am sure you will enjoy both of these.

The first is a short story – The Treasures of Li Quan. It takes place in 1951 in Ogunquit, Maine. Eleven year-old Tom Linton contracted polio in the epidemic that swept the US two years earlier. Join him as he meets the portly old trinket seller, Li Quan, and discover the meaning behind the gifts he receives. Your heart will soar through the tears in your eyes in this inspirational tale of courage.

The second is a novella – Dreamcatcher. Retired psychiatrist, John Lawson, meets an old Ojibwe Indian while traveling out West in his motorhome. Join him in learning some Ojibwe language as he undergoes a mystical experience that forever changes his perspective on the world and reality.

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Mountain Rose on Sale

#Novel “Mountain Rose” for only #99Cents until the 18th. Enjoy!


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The Treasures of Li Quan

The Legends Series #1 – A short story

Twelve-year-old Thomas Linton lives with his parents, Charlie and Mary, in their seaside home in Ogunquit, Maine. Tom fell victim to the polio epidemic of 1949. He wears a brace on his right leg and walks with crutches, or is pushed in a wheelchair by his father.
On August 8, 1951, the family visits an old curiosity shop in Kennebunkport. It is run by a portly old oriental man whose bare belly protrudes over his baggy trousers.
Tom enters the shop as a sad young boy, but emerges with a gift that will radically alter his outlook on life.
Join Tom as he discovers ‘The Treasures of Li Quan’.


Yours for a mere 99 cents:

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New Novel: Mountain Rose


Available for Kindle eReaders and the Kindle App.

‘Mountain Rose’ – A SciFi Detective Novel

The year is 2111. Enrique Vargas knows exactly who he wants to help him overhaul ISEC, the International Space Enforcement Consortium, which has regulatory control over the Space Flight Administration, the Gaia I and Argo I space colonies and all seven lunar mines.

Robert E. Lee’s company, ‘PerformPros’, offers discrete services – security and investigation. Lee’s associate, Thomas L. Jackson, has developed the most sophisticated, near-human-intelligence, holographic computer system in existence. Her name is Noni, and she is an integral member of the ‘Rebs’ team.

Lee heads to Argo I to assume management of the faltering space division of ISEC. Even Noni could not have envisioned that their involvement would take such a dramatic turn.

Times may have changed, but human intrigue and greed … have not.

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Review of Hey Joe on a returned volunteer Peace Corps website

You can read the review of my Peace Corps memoirs here.

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Interviewed by Nick Wale

Life Experiences on Paper: Author Robert Nicholas Talks to Nick Wale

Click here to ready the whole interview:

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Do you like puzzles? Try Acrostics.

An acrostic poem has a word or words running down the length of the page – one per line. The lines of the poem start with, or cross over those letters. Acrostics can have meter or not. They can rhyme or not. They can be long or short. It’s all up to you.

I like to put the acrostic in bold letters in parentheses, brackets or braces to make the base word jump out at the reader. Let’s try several variations using the word PEACE.

In the first poem, we will use the letters in the word PEACE as the first letter of each line.

[P]eople link to people
[E]ach in his own way
[A]ll of us united
[C]aring every way
[E]ndless unity

Now let’s make it a little trickier. This time we’re going to spice it up by moving the key letter one space to the right as we go down the poem. So [P] is the first letter, then [E] is the second – [A] the third – [C] the fourth – [E] the fifth. Ready?

[P]eople link to people
B[E]coming unified
Cr[A]ving what we all need
Pea[C]ful hearts survive
Peac[E] is what we need

Get the picture? Acrostics can take a little effort. They aren’t difficult, but you have to work at them. Try your hand at the word PEACE and see what you create. Then try these words – LIFE – TIME – GARDEN – PARENTS – FRIENDS – FAMILY. Go for it!

Copyright © 2013 Robert F. Nicholas

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Mr. McSnipper now in paperback at CreateSpace and Amazon

Now available in paperback as well as eBook versions
Mr. McSnipper and Other Verses – Illustrated children’s book of verses

Ages nine and up – reading level 4th grade and up

Is now available in paperback from CreateSpace:

Or in paperback from Amazon:

Or you can get it for the Kindle, Kindle Fire tablets or any other tablet or computer with the Kindle application free from Amazon:

If you want to download and install the free Kindle app from Amazon for your devices, here is the link:

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“Mr. McSnipper” is now available in paperback

Mr. McSnipper and Other Verses

Is now available in paperback from CreateSpace.


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